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Not only geographical information, we carry other areas of information which support our society

OD measurement
This is known as a transportation census, we choose samples and examine the movements of vehicles. We examine, departure, destination, purpose, time. In order to do this, we are able to obtain information regarding index of net velocity and time distribution
Traffic census

Road traffic census is often held for obtaining information of streets and used for planning roads, construction, managing streets.

Our clients are country governments, different prefectures, cities and towns. We will measure and examine, making analytical reports.
Amount of traffic survey

This is for examining the volume of traffic. Depending on the size of our target, we work with universities, and try to run things smoothly. We have our own manuals for surveyors so that we can keep our research qualities.

Fishery census
We cover the aspects of productive structure, structure of employment, for fishery businesses which include fishing villages, processing industries, and distribution of fisheries products. We provide comprehensive reports fishery administrations. Using GIS meets high expectations from clients.
Planning basic city measurement
Research for law of city planning article 6, Law of city planning enforcement regulation article 5. Population, total size of land, land use, we digitalize the past analog data to make advanced reports.
Sightseeing guide maps

We listen to clients needs and create a report flexibly. We do all reports, photographs, editing, layout with high quality images.

Computerization of documents

We use scanner cameras to digitalize all analog maps.

Adding location information enables us to connect with GIS.