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Geographical Space information

Land-use map for 1/200000, topographical map for 1/10000, electron county basic map information, platform map information

Land use 1/200000
Land use classification map (1:200,000). This map is more detailed and colored based on the result of a field survey and results from an aerial photograph.
Topographical map for 1/10000

This is a basic map which contains detailed information. We are able to see the details  every 2 meters, precisely.

Basic map

Basic map of the state showing county outlines and all of the information such as buildings, streets, rocks, cliff, This is known as 1/25000

Different kinds of ledgers
Ledgers information is different from the basic map information. For example different ledgers need different knowledge about street, rivers clean, black-water, city planning, and fixed assets. In addition, different knowledge is required for each section.  We have numbers of great experts, and have rich training sessions.
Different types of ledgers
We create different types of ledgers such as streets, rivers, water and sewer services, community parks, public construction and any other designs per your request.