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3-D measurement

cultural landmarks precise measurement, heavyweight tunnels, dynamic image measurements, landscape simulation

Cultural Landmarks
We have great techniques. Our techniques allow us to have and compare an actual initial value and scale when the landmarks are discovered. This is very useful for examining buried cultural property
Heavy weight tunnel
Our 3-D measurements enable us to know diastrophism changes, information about crustal movement diastrophism.
This service offers railway track surveys, measurements of tunnels and bridges and highways.
3D point cloud-based
We can survey as-built construction by inserting designed construction data into 3D point clouds.
Landscape simulation
Landscape simulation, we insert graphic designs of 3-D data to Generation of 3-D domain from Point Clouds. It enables us to view all kinds of structures such as buildings, space, earth precisely. Using animation functions enables us to verify structures.

Key Technologies

●3D point Clouds
This advanced technology captures structures by itself which look similar to photographs with a large number of point clouds. 3D point clouds in space (XYZ value) that captured every surface to clarify accurate differences between existing structures and redesigned structure.
●3D Modeling
3D modeling represents any 3D surface of objects processed via CAD or other specialized software. The 3D model, which is the product of 3D modeling could be streets, bridges or tunnels.

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